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Valentine’s Day As Told By Steve Harvey

Valentine’s Day has gained a reputation as one of the worst holidays still celebrated in the modern world. But if we’re being honest, it isn’t that bad, right? WRONG. Not only is it stressful and expensive for those who are in relationships but it is yet again another reminder that most of us have spent the winter holding our own hands to keep them warm in the chilly, snow-filled evenings. Luckily for those of you unfamiliar with the struggle bus that is February 14th, Steve Harvey is here to explain it.


It’s almost Valentine’s Day and watching coupled people lose their sh*t over it looks like


You try explaining to them that Cupid is literally just capitalism in disguise, but it kind of goes like


And pretending like you care about everyone’s cutesy plans is kind of like


When someone invites you to be the seventh wheel on their V-Day triple date, you smoothly dodge that bullet in this manner


But then you realize that your mom will once again be your valentine and you promptly dismount from atop your high horse


Walking through Walmart and comparing all of the glittery pink hearts to your black, bitter one is like


And seeing couples all across campus has you like


While Galentine’s day is great, you’d rather be in bed like


And when one of your gal’s spends the whole night talking about her BF, you’re kind of just like


Walking around on February 14th looks a lot like


And anyone who tries to talk to you is met with this reaction


But then you remember that February 15th is half priced chocolate day and everything is right in the world again

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