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Understanding Bromance

According to Urban Dictionary, a Bromance” is described as, “the complicated love and affection shared by two straight males.”

Oh okay, now I understand the relationship between my boyfriend and his best friend. When I first began dating my boyfriend of four years, at times I wasn’t quite sure who he was dating–me or his best friend. As weird as that sounds, it’s true. A bromance is indescribable, and oftentimes very strange but at the same time, very sweet! Over the last four years, it has only intensified.

These are the occurrences that helped diagnose the bromance:

1. When your guy & his bro are together, you often feel invisible. Between bouncing off each other’s every word and inside jokes, you can’t help but sit back and re-evaluate your own relationship. Don’t get upset though. Just like you will never have a relationship like theirs, they will never have the relationship you & your guy have!

2. You know it’s real when you and your best friend (who dates your guy’s best friend) are at a party and they are long-pouring beers into each other’s mouths…in the middle of the dance floor…with no one around (I might add!). We couldn’t help but stand back and laugh!

3. Their way of talking through a disagreement is in-between sports plays. Most likely this argument doesn’t concern each other but is about their girlfriends. This one you’ll just have to experience for yourself. Hysterical.

4. Whether the topic be the gym, sports, or just calling each other ridiculous names, they’re constantly texting probably more than they text you. Save your breath and overlook this issue. They just don’t understand where a girl is coming from if you ask why he doesn’t text you more often.

5. Oh yeah, they also refer to each other as “the brother they never had,” and that they share an unbreakable bond. So they aren’t JUST best friends…Avoid that term because they may take it personally!

Coming from a girl that has lived with a bromance for four years, I’d suggest that you don’t sweat it. At first, I took it personally, and to be honest, I got upset about this on multiple occasions. Just embrace it, and most of all, be happy that your boyfriend does have someone that cares about him as much as you do.Do what I did and hook your guy’s bro up with your own best friend–then everyone can win!

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