Underrated Shows to Binge Over the Weekend

If you’re looking for something to watch during your “30 minute study break” check out these underrated shows available on Netflix or Hulu!!


1. Brooklyn 99 (Hulu)

Andy Samberg and Terry Crews star in the additively funny comedy about what happens to a Brooklyn Police Precinct when new captain, Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) shows up. Filled with a diverse cast, sight gags, and “oh so that’s where that gif/meme is from”, this show is a must-watch.

2. Life Unexpected (Netflix)

Britt Robertson stars in this drama about a girl who spent her life in the foster system suddenly reuniting with her birth parents after a failed attempt at becoming emancipated. The show is filled with love triangles, parent-daughter angst, and the beautiful scenery of Portland, Oregon.

3. Elementary (Hulu)

Lucy Liu stars in this modern day take on Sherlock Holmes that is filled with interesting cases, strong character development, and unexpected twists. Doctor-turned-sober-companion Joan Watson newest client is former addict Sherlock Holmes who works as a consultant to the NYPD.

4. Hart of Dixie (Netflix)

Want a taste of Gilmore Girls with a splash of the OC? Hart of Dixie stars Rachel Bilson as a fish out of water doctor from New York City who finds herself working at a clinic in Bluebell, Alabama. Love triangles, goofy hijinks, and a southern Belle aesthetic makes this show a must binge!!