The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the holiday season baby, and the time for gift giving is upon us! Figuring out what to get your friends and loved ones can be stressful… but fear not! I’m here to provide everyone with the ultimate holiday gift guide for all types of people in your life. I always try to have a theme surrounding my gifts. It shows some extra thought and effort was spent and allows me to tailor to the kind of person I’m gifting. It’s the season of giving, so here’s an all access pass to spoiling the ones you love!


  1. 1. The Self-Care Package

    Everyone has that person in their life (a mom, a close friend) that’s constantly on the go. They’re always stressin’ out and never taking any time for themselves. These gifts are perfect for those who need a lil’ extra reminder (or push) to chill out and practice some self-care every once and a while:

    Comfy, plush blanket

    Fuzzy socks 

    Face masks

    Nail polish

    Essential oil diffuser (can customize the oils based on their needs/favorite scents)

  2. 2. The Beauty Guru

    This is for the complete beauty and product junkies in your life, we all have ‘em. You can never go wrong with browsing the beauty isles, or Ulta and Sephora, to find something new and shiny to spice up their makeup collection:

    Eyeshadow palette

    Lip kit

    Highlighter (everyone loves a good glow)

    Sephora gift sets (can score some major savings & get a bang for your buck!)

    An array of travel-sized products (the checkout line at Sephora always gets me)

    glossier makeup
  3. 3. The Fashionista

    For the ones who are constantly on top of the newest trends in the fashion world, and the gals who are accessory fiends:

    Beanie (a winter essential)

    Funky belts (animal prints are HUGE right now)

    Dainty jewelry (can never have too much jewelry)

    Statement jacket

  4. 4. The Skincare Junkie

    The ones who are all about the natural glow - this one’s for them:

    All things Glossier (my personal favorite skincare brand) 

    Sunday Riley C.E.O Glow Serum 

    Drunk Elephant (have heard great things)

    The Lalapink Beauty Products
  5. 5. The Men in Your Life

    I know men can be tricky, so here’s what I’ve gathered as practical and useful throughout the years:

    Socks (for all the Dads out there - shoutout to you)




  6. 6. From the Heart

    Lastly, this can be for anyone in your life. Sometimes we don’t want to/can’t afford to break the bank on a gift. Here are some ideas that are thoughtful and just as valuable as any purchase you can make:

    A framed picture

    A handmade painting

    Personalized playlist (of curated songs that remind you of them)

    An experience (a day trip, planned out by you, with some of your favorite things to do together) 

Happy gift giving!