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Tips for Choosing a Face Mask if You Have Sensitive Skin

Face masks are a tricky business because when it comes to putting products on your face, there is always the risk of ending up with a breakout or rash. Having sensitive skin just makes this risk ten times more likely. After a long road of trial and error, I have finally started to catch on to what face masks help my skin achieve the soft and smooth look, instead of ending up red and inflamed.


1. Quality over Quantity

The MOST important thing when buying a facemask is to not settle for the cheapest brand. Your face is delicate, and it is essential to buy a quality facemask so your skin is less likely to react to it. Face masks that cost a couple extra dollars have the tendency to use higher quality ingredients that are better for your skin.


2. Invest in All Natural Face Masks

Synthetic chemicals are bound to irritate your face. Face masks are typically labeled on the front with the positive helpful ingredients such as “charcoal clay” or “tea tree oil and honey” but then when you look at the ingredient list, it is filled with chemicals you’re unable to pronounce. It is important to watch out for parabens, dyes, and fragrance ingredients because a significant amount of them cause skin irritation or even are carcinogens. All natural face masks will cleanse your skin and clear out your pores without leaving your skin red or irritated from unneeded chemicals.


3. Find an ingredient / type that works for your face

This is a personal recommendation that works for my skin, but is not the case for everyone because we all have different skin. My skin is extremely sensitive; I can’t even use any face wash, otherwise I breakout or trigger my rosacea. Face masks that I love the most all have one ingredient in common- activated charcoal. Activated charcoal clears out your pores and leaves your skin healthy and smooth. It is also a great natural ingredient for your hair and teeth. Two of my personal favorite face masks are Pacifica Beauty’s Kale Charcoal Ultimate Detox Mask and Formula.10.06 Charcoal and Plum Peel Mask (this one is not natural but it has always worked for my skin).

Erin Janiga is a freshman at James Madison University.
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