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Tik Tok Fashion Trends For Fall 2021

Fall is well on its way, and Tik Tok has been capturing every moment, so let’s break down some of this season’s newest trends!

Knee High Boots

I think Caroline Polacheck is to blame for this one. The hyper pop musician was rocking the knee-high cowboy boot back in 2019, long before cowboy boots had a moment this summer.

Though they’ve been everywhere, this fall, we’re moving away from western influence and towards 90s inspired high-heeled leather boots. Either way, it’s time to grab yourself some Nine West square heels from your local Goodwill in time for Christian girl autumn.

Ways to style knee-high boots that are trending right now.

70s Mid Rise Flares

Sorority girls have been rocking the high-waisted Forever 21 Bellbottoms for a while now, but now 70s nostalgia and the low-waisted craze have created a renewed interest in the original flare silhouette. As a result, jeans like the Levis 648 Orange Tabs are having a comeback, especially with men.

Some trending flare jeans.

Subversive Basics

Augustina Panzoni, a former WGSN fashion forecaster, coined the term on Tik Tok earlier this year.


The layering opportunities ✨ how would you style this? Top by @clarissa.larrazabal #fashiontrendpredictions #trendtok

♬ Caution – Kaytranada
Augustina Panzoni defines “Subversive Basics”.

They’re the deconstruction of any clothing item you thought you knew. Basics are being re-sewn, shaped or cut into silhouettes removed from their traditional use. For example, sweaters are usually a layering piece but “subverted” sweaters might add in cutouts, making them impossible to use for layering. Many also create new layering pieces, like a half-cut-up skirt being worn on top of khakis. They’re reminiscent of nineties cutout silhouettes like the Chanel “Krizia” Spring/Summer 1995 show. You can get your own subversive basics by cutting up your old clothes or by shopping from designers like Didu.

“Subversive Basics are all about basics that rebel up to losing their utility”

– Augustina Panzoni
Making a top out of tights.
Subversive Basics in an outfit of the day.

Only Buttoning The Middle Buttons on Men’s Shirts

Changing how you button basic shirts is a great way to update your wardrobe without spending money! The newest buttoning technique is to button one or two buttons around your bust and let the rest lay open. It works perfectly with lowrise bottoms. I’ve seen most people do this trend with classic men’s dress shirts, like white or striped button-downs.


he made me wake up at 7 so he could get a croissant before work smh @lucamornet #nyc

♬ 7 heures du matin (From “Les Barbouzes se rebiffent”) – Jacqueline Taïeb

The 2020s have been extremely interesting to watch fashion-wise. We seem to be moving away from 80s nostalgia towards 70s, 90s and 2000s elements. Waistlines are getting lower, crop tops are getting shorter, and shoes are getting taller. I’m excited to see how fashion influencers adjust these skin-baring trends to make them wearable in winter!

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