Tie-Dye Dan Lambert '19

Year: sophomore

Major: Finance

Hometown: Yorktown, VA

1. When did you first start tie-dying?

I first started tie-dying in high school, junior year.

2. When did you realize you had a passion for it?

I realized I had a passion for it over this past summer in July.

3. How long have you been selling tie-dye?

I also started selling them in July of this past summer!

4. Since you wear tie-dye every day, what do you do when you have to go to an interview or something like that? Do you make an exception?

It depends on my audience. I'll wear some tie-dye polos or dress shirts if they aren't too down to business. I always have to wear something though, so I wear tie-dye undies when I have to dress professionally.

If you wear tie-dye on Tuesdays and see Dan, he'll give you a free tie-dye bandana! Check out Tie-Dye Dan's MyGypsyStore here, Etsy shop here and website here!