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Things to Do | Fear Forest

If you’re like me and love absolutely anything and everything Halloween, Fear Forest is a great, local, option if you want to scream like a baby and almost pee your pants from getting scared. Located only about a 15-minute drive from JMU’s campus, Fear Forest is a great place to bond with your friends over your shared fear of clowns chasing you with chainsaws. With a four-tenths of a mile interactive outdoor walking trail through nothing other than a completely terrifying forest, there’s bound to be something to scare everyone.


With clowns, demons, zombies, and just about any other creature you can fathom, it’s inevitable that you’ll scream at some point. Or, you’ll be like me and scream at everything and wake up with no voice the next day. But watch out, everywhere is fair game to be scared by one of these creatures, even when you may think you’re just harmlessly waiting in line. Besides all of the monsters, the scariest part of the night, by far, was almost hitting a deer on the way home. Drive safe, kids!


Fear Forest is open every night from Thursday the 26th to Tuesday the 31st, excluding Sunday. So, if you’re looking for something to do during Halloweekend, bring your courage and be sure not to miss your last chance to visit Fear Forest! I promise, once you realize you survived and made it to the end, you’ll be as happy as this dancing pumpkin man.


Sarah Houtchens is in the class of '20 at JMU studying Media Arts and Design with a concentration in Journalism. She loves inspirational quotes and is in constant search of the world's best guacamole.
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