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There’s a New Bachelor in Town!

The rumors are true! The beautiful Sean Lowe is officially starring in the upcoming season of The Bachelor.
The 28-year-old Dallas businessman finished in third place after last season’s Bachelorette, Emily Maynard, sent him packing.

Sean captured the hearts of millions with his enchanting smile, chiseled body, and irresistible Southern accent.
We can’t forget to mention his near perfect personality; charming and romantic. 

While Sean won over America, he didn’t seem to fit into the life of single mom, Emily Maynard. Our jaws dropped to the floor as we hopelessly watched Emily dump him on national television. We were utterly confused, torn between desolation and joy. On the one hand, we truly wanted Sean to find happiness. If it had to be with Emily, so be it. Then again, Sean was finally up for grabs again: this was our chance. Clearly the latter weighed more heavily! Luckily, Sean’s gorgeous face will be gracing our television screens once again.

Though we aren’t one of the lucky 28 ladies that get to find love with Sean, we can only hope this time around will yield a better outcome. But if it doesn’t, I guarantee he’ll have plenty of shoulders to cry on.

Production for The Bachelor has already started, and plans to air on ABC in January of 2013!

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