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Have you ever bought a product just to realize it was incredibly overhyped? I sure have, but with the help of people going by the name of ‘deinfluencers’ I might be able to avoid doing that in the future.

With the significant increase of influencers over the past couple of years, something I would never expect is people labeling themselves as ‘deinfluencers’. While deinfluencers still influence their audience’s behavior, they definitely help in making us think twice before spending money on overhyped products. As a girl who reads a ton of reviews before getting something, this is SO helpful. Like most people, when an influencer posts how amazing a product is I’m immediately interested in it. However, you don’t always know the motivations of an influencer posting a product, so deinfluencers are majorly helpful in giving an honest opinion/review as that is what their whole platform stands for. Deinfluencing is on the rise and I am so here for it. 

The video that inspired me to write this article was an Instagram reel by Rachel Ocool (@rachel.ocool). The video is titled “LIL’ TIPS Deinfluencing” and has gained over 1 million views. In this video, Rachel helps her viewers think before they buy an expensive product. She offers suggestions in order to create the same effect as the expensive hyped product, with products that are cheap and most people already own. Even Zendaya commented hearts on this video in response to Rachel telling her viewers how to create a similar purple highlight in a picture of Zendaya using products they already own! Videos like this one are really helpful because when you see a product on the internet everywhere it’s hard to not want to jump on the bandwagon and get it too. Obviously, everyone is going to have a different opinion on whether a product is “worth it” or not, but I support an honest opinion on products. 

Kildea McMahon is a current junior at James Madison University. She has a love for T-Swift, Harry Potter, puppies, and books!