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Summer Time and the Livin’ is Easy…

Ah, finally! Summer has arrived and cars are packed and ready

for a long or short drive home. Meals no longer involve walking to get them and laundry is free- hooray! There are so many great things about being home, but I’ve noticed after a while, summer vacation seems to drag. If friends that attend other colleges are on different schedules than you, sometimes one really is the loneliest number at home. I’ve already typed up a few things I want to do over the summer on a Stickie on my computer. This list includes a fairly long reading list (The Help and Water for Elephants are at the top!), a reminder to buy new goggles so I can finally swim laps outside, recipes I want to try (thanks Food Gawker!), and excursions I want to go on. Don’t let you summer waste away as you sit on the couch; what do you want to do this summer? 

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