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Spring Semester Is Coming to an End: Here Are the Fashion Trends We’re Bringing into Summer

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at JMU chapter.

As spring semester comes to a close and consistently warm weather is finally upon us (at least I hope so), it’s time to pack up our things and head to our hometowns. But what are we wearing this summer? I think the best descriptor is “country meets country club”, a mashup of two classic American styles. In the past few years, we’ve seen the rise of preppy style or aesthetics like “costal cowgirl”, and this summer features a marriage of the two. Here are my top 6 styles to add to your wardrobe + examples for you to cop!

Colorful Sneakers

For anyone who thought the Adidas samba/gazelle trend would leave as fast as it came, boy do I have new for you! With a huge and unique range of color combos, they’re the perfect example for this summer’s shoe trend. Of course, you can reach for other brands like Puma or New Balance to mix it up to. (P.S.- if anyone wants to slide me a pair of gazelles in pink glow gum I will love you forever).

  • Purple sambas (bonus points if you wear them for gamedays this coming fall too!)
all the denim

The denim-on-denim trend has been going on for a while, but the queen Beyoncé herself entering her country era solidified the trend here to stay. While the material can sometimes feel too heavy on the hottest days of the season, there are definitely ways to incorporate this fabric.

Micro mini shorts

Over the past few months, we’ve started to see the return of “the legs are the outfit” with miniskirts taking over going-out style. And while mom shorts are still stylish as ever, so are tiny and tight shorts. Expect bloomers to especially be popular this summer as they’re the perfect blend of country girl and coquette girl aesthetics.

fringe, Feathers, & sequins

Remember when we were in our Eras era last summer? The same styles that were so popular at Miss Swift’s concerts last year are back and better than ever. Whether its to a music festival or club, you’ll steal the show with these fun textures.


Athleisure girlies, rise up! Between the rise in popularity of paddle sports like pickleball and the release of it-girl Zendaya’s tennis movie, Challengers, all signs point towards this preppy and sporty style on the rise. Plus, for all the girls working outdoor jobs this summer, you can look cute and comfy.

  • This top (or quite frankly anything else from FP Movement, they always come to slay)
Big bulky belts

After seeing styles at Coachella and other country/Western events the past few weeks, I can confirm these statement pieces are starting to pop up everywhere. Pair with shorts, a skirt, or dress to add some drama to your looks.

Let’s be clear- obviously you should dress in whatever makes you feel you best and trends are subjective. But these were some fun styles that I predict many people will be tapping into this summer, and that I think many people can recreate with staple pieces in their wardrobes without caving into the microtrend cycle. Enjoy your time out of the classroom and in the sunshine!

Carly is a biology major with minors in pre-physician’s assistant and honors. Outside of school, Carly enjoys swimming, reading, watching sports, and all things pop culture.