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Spring Break as Told by Snapchat

The road to Spring Break 2016 was a hard fought one. Many good men and women have fallen at the feet of the doomed midterms week, caving underneath the weight of their heavy backpacks (someone remind me why the library doesn’t have an on-call chiropractor again?). For those of us who aren’t travelling around the world on some fantastic getaway, being home for break is perfectly captured by the following Snapchats.

After a long week of midterms, spring break is finally here and you’re on your way to a week of doing absolutely nothing like

Getting home and being surrounded by your pets is kind of like

But unfortunately, the excitement isn’t mutual

You know that you definitely went north on 81 and your bank account doesn’t look like you’ve spent a week in Cancun but somehow you woke up there anyways.

Trying to keep up with your very in-shape parents goes kind of like this

Until their 9:00 bedtimes, that is.

Sadly, your high school friends won’t be home until next week so finding people to hang out with looks something like this

And missing your S.O. is like

So, you turn to the OG bae, Netflix. And when it gets sick of you and pauses the episode to foolishly ask if you’re still watching, you reply kind of like

And seeing that you’ve successfully not moved all day, your parents decide that you should leave the house at least once. So they drag you to sibling sporting events where you kind of sit there like

But you reassure yourself with the fact that soon you’ll be back at school and working towards what matters most:

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