Small Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Instagram Game

Instagram, a world of selfies and food goal pictures. Each account is unique to the owner, leading them to create their own aesthetic. Each post, a representation of what matters to them and who they are. So, I’ve gathered some tips and tricks to improve your picture taking skills so that your Instagram can be a direct representation of who you are and what you want to show the world. 


Use the grid on your iPhone

The rule of thirds is a very helpful photography trick to capture the perfect image. It ensures that the photo is well balanced and easily catches the eye. That all means you’ll easily catch the likes and create a jaw dropping feed. 


HDR on the iPhone is amazing

This feature helps capture the details in poorly lit settings. This means you get to include everything you want to capture without having to edit drastically. That also means your photos will be higher quality to post. Sounds like a win-win to me. 


Mini tripod from Amazon- so worth it

Amazon sells tripods for under $20. This is a lifesaver for anyone who feels annoying asking for pictures. They also sell some with different lenses for your phone or lights to better capture the image. These little tools will be so beneficial in capturing photos solo. 


Self timer

Yes, yes, yes, Don’t doubt the self timer. This guy is often forgotten about, but can be so useful in taking group photos or outfit pics. This will make sure you are far enough away to capture the entire outfit or not exclude anyone from your dinner party. 


Bother your friends to take pictures of you when you feel cute and confident

The worst thing is to be in pictures and not feel confident. The second worst thing is to feel amazing and not have any pictures of it. Bug your friends to take pictures so you can show off that confidence! 


Look at the details

Details can make or break a picture. No one enjoys blurry (unless that’s your artistic addition) because it is just poor photography. Get pictures of your outfits, of the ring you wore your makeup one day, etc. All of those details make you, you. 


Mix it up

Go between quotes, layouts, selfies, anything and break up your feed. This will capture a certain audience and keep followers attentive. This will also make your feed look diverse and explain who you are a little more. Sometimes you need some words to show the world and other times you need a killer outfit. 


Instagram is a great way to show your self expression. Focus on what you post and why, not the likes or followers. Use it to empower one another and connect. Show everyone who you are and keep the content looking sharp. Take into mind a couple of those tips and get to snapping pictures!