Self Care Advice

Many people rank self care at the bottom of their priorities, but this is something that they should definitely be giving more attention. Taking care of ourselves (physically, mentally, and emotionally) is crucial for our happiness and success. So, I challenge everyone to dedicate a little time each day to focus on themselves.


Here are some simple ways to help improve your self care:



Working out is a great stress reliever when you have a busy week with classes or really anything that is weighing on your mind. Get your endorphins rushing and sweat it out instead of stressing it out. Honestly, this is one of my personal favorites for relieving stress. Also, if you incorporate exercise into your weekly routine, you'll start to notice improvements in your fitness level which will help boost your confidence!


Spend time in nature

There is nothing more peaceful than spending time in the fresh air and sunlight. Spending time outside when there is a lot on your mind is great because it often helps you stop and reflect on things, which can provide clarity. Take things to the next level by leaving your phone behind. Unplugging from constant social media updates is relaxing in and of itself.


Treat yo' self

Reward yourself for working hard! I'm not saying to splurge on a new designer handbag, but maybe go get your nails done or get a nice dinner out. This is a great way to end a tough week on a positive note.


Spend time with friends

Take a study break to be with the people that make you smile and have some fun!


Listen to music

I'm a big fan of listening to music to brighten my mood. Start off your day by playing your hype song -- you'll thank yourself later.