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Reasons to Read During the School Year

With all the chaos of trying to keep up with classes while trying to balance clubs, sports, and a social life, it is important to find quiet time to enjoy something relaxing. While doing a face mask or painting your nails satisfies this need some of the time, getting lost in a book is the perfect way to stop your constant wave of thoughts, and escape the world for a little bit. The most common reasons why college students do not read are because they do not have time or they are too mentally exhausted to do something that takes more focus at the end of the day. Here are just a few ways how implementing reading into my schedule has benefited me.

It stimulates the brain.
It can help reduce stress and anxiety.
It keeps you off your phone.
It is a productive way to take a break from studying.
Books can teach you a lot from how to deal with tragedy to being more aware and accepting.
Erin Janiga is a freshman at James Madison University.
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