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Ranking Taylor Swift’s Highest Streamed Song for Each Album

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Over the years, Taylor Swift has released nine albums along with EPs, live concert recordings and amassed a gigantic and dedicated fanbase. As a newly dedicated Swifty, I decided to listen to each album and then rank the highest streamed song in each one.

The numbers analyzed are solely Spotify streams and this ranking includes the five albums owned by Scooter Braun.

9. Shake It Off – 1989 (669M)

What many consider her complete move to pop, 1989 came with quite a few top hits including “Blank Space” and “Shake it Off”. Although it’s a fun and upbeat karaoke song which I have definitely jammed out to in my bedroom, I found “Shake it Off” the most repetitive verse-wise and there was nothing that made it feel like a Taylor Swift signature, which is why I put this at number nine.

8. Back to December – Speak Now (156M)

Part of her third album release, “Back to December” and Speak Now showed a more mature Taylor, the lyrics portraying her apologizing to someone for the mistakes she made in the past, and while listening you’re transported through the story the complex story. I ranked this at number eight due to the song showing emotional maturity in both her life and songwriting.

7. Our Song – Taylor Swift (126M)

Of course, this freshman album sings country and this song is no exception. It’s the epitome of young love, describing all the ways that a couple shares small moments together to create their own love song. Although I’m not an avid country listener, I put “Our Song” at number seven because of its timeless innocence and original sound.

6. Willow – Evermore (323M)

A little more upbeat than Folklore, Evermore captured the continuing anthology from its sister album. Willow leaned more towards the past Swift with the backing electronic sound for that mystical fantasy feeling rather than a whole new era which is why I put this at number six.

5. Look What You Made Me Do – Reputation (670M)

In a surprising twist, Reputation was filled with synth-pop and electric-backed songs, and the promotional single “Look What You Made Me Do” rolled out the red carpet for the badass Swift to hit the scene. I’m quite a sucker for this song which is why it’s at number five, the hard-hitting song with a strong bass allowing Swift’s lyricism to stand in the spotlight.

4. Cardigan – Folklore (335M)

Released during the pandemic with its sister album Evermore, Folklore was a whole new look at Swift with the indie guitar and soft vocals. “Cardigan” was no exception to this, the faded piano in the background giving Swift’s vocals the spotlight once again, which is why this is at number four.

3. I Knew You Were Trouble – Red (467M)

As Swift made the stark turn-around to pop, this album was known for the dance-to-it sound and frustrated lyrics such as in “I Knew You Were Trouble”. Although it has been turned into quite a meme through a screaming goat insert, it’s emotionally vulnerable and Swift knocks the vocals out of the park which is why I placed this at number three.

2. ME! – Lover (599M)

As her first album under Republic Records, Lover was an homage to love itself and an antithesis to Reputation. Collaborating with Brendon Urie of Panic! At the Disco, “Me!” is an upbeat and catchy song about self-confidence and acceptance in a relationship which is why I placed this at number two.

1. Love Story – Fearless Taylor’s Version (147M)

The classic, probably how many people first really heard of Taylor Swift, and the reason this is at my number one pick. A beautiful metaphor for passionate love, “Love Story” stands out as the mix of pop and homage to classic country. It’s also a great example of Taylor’s infamous bridges and extended metaphors.

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