The Pros and Cons of Lash Lifts vs. Eyelash Extensions

In the past year eyelash extensions have been a big trend. If you’re like me than you’ve also considered getting them but have not been sure and need to know all your options and the pros and cons. While eyelash extensions have been the popular option, lash lifts are an option that you might not have known about and might be better for you. 


Eyelash extensions are the better option if you are looking to volumize your eyelashes. Not only can you get a longer eyelash look but you can also get a thicker look. If that is what you want, this would be a better option for you. However, some of the cons of eyelash extensions include the time it takes to get them done: 2 hours, and the fallout. Eyelash extensions last six to eight weeks but by the end of those weeks you have to deal with the extensions falling out if you don't get them redone before than. 


In comparison eyelash extensions, lash lifts are a quicker process, 30-40 minutes and last about the same time. Typically six to eight weeks. If you want a lower maintenance option, this is the one I would go with. There is no fall out because you are essentially perming your own eyelashes in order to get a more long and curled look. The con that this option provides is that if you want a thicker eyelash look, lash lifts would not help. 


Lash lifts would give you a more natural look while eyelash extensions can provide a more dramatic look. A pro of both of these options is that they will provide the look you are going for. I have personally tried a lash lift and prefer it due to its low maintenance but either can give you great results.