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The Perfect DIY Christmas Gifts to Make For Your Loved Ones

Open When Letters

This sincere present to make for your friends, family members, or significant other is perfect during college years. There are so many templates and ideas online to help during the process and they show your loved ones how much you care about them and you can show it even when you’re not there in person. Plus letters have so much more value and show you care more than a text or phone call. Some examples include ‘Open when you miss me’, ‘Open when you’ve had a bad day’, ‘Open when you’re sick’, etc. Also, you can include gift cards, candy, or other little surprises inside.


5 Senses Present

This is also commonly found online. Just get five boxes or gift bags and label each with the five senses: touch, taste, smell, hear, and see. Then buy or make something for each sense. For example, for taste get candy and for see get a movie theatre gift card. Top it off with a message that says “being with you just makes SENSE” or “Loving you just makes SENSE”. This gift will show your loved ones you are willing to put in the extra effort to show you care about them.


Box Of Happiness/Box of Sunshine

Putting together a ‘box of happiness’ is a creative and fun present. Get a bunch of small items that your family member or friend loves and organize them in a box labeled ‘box of happiness’. Some examples of items include candy, hot chocolate or tea packets, fuzzy socks, jewelry, or gift cards. To make it more exciting, make all the items a specific color, like yellow, and label it ‘box of sunshine’.


Photo Letters

Photo letters are a great sentimental present that can be hung up in a dorm or house. Wooden letters can be bought for just a few dollars from Target or Michaels. Then just print out some pictures to glue to it to create a special collage of memories. Top it off with a nice message written on the back.


Homemade Candles/Beauty Products

There are an abundance of recipes and instructions online on how to make a candle. Making a candle yourself is cheap and on top of that has a lot more value and shows you care since you spent the time to do it yourself. You can personalize it for the person you are making it for. All you need is wax to melt, fragrance oil, and a wick.

Erin Janiga is a freshman at James Madison University.
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