New Holiday Tunes in Review

You may agree to disagree, but November 1st does not signal Christmas time. Christmas celebration begins the day after Thanksgiving, and I said what I said. With that being said, it's never too early to start making your holiday playlist in preparation for November 29. It'll be here before you know it. 



  1. 1. "Like It's Christmas" - Jonas Brothers

    After the year of the Jonas Brothers, I expected nothing less. It's impossible not to dance along to this song, and why wouldn't you want to? It's 2019 and we've been blessed with NEW Jonas Brothers music. 


    The reunion of the band is enough of a Christmas present for me. Santa can take the holiday off.  


    I started with this song for a reason… 11/10

  2. 2. "Never Felt Like Christmas" - Lizzo

    Imagine a venn diagram with Lizzo on one side and Christmas on the other… this song is precisely what you would find in the middle. Lizzo is authentically herself and creates a fresh, energetic song that has you begging for more. 


    She is a sassy and sweet Queen that is doing all the right things. 


    Lizzo delivers exactly what she's supposed to… 9/10

  3. 3. "All I Want (For Christmas)" - Liam Payne

    Liam Payne impresses with his first Christmas song, but it doesn't have that wow factor. Great song, but comes off as the off brand version of Alessia Cara's song (see no. 7). 


    Definitely check it out, but compared to the other great songs on this list… 8/10

  4. 4. "Sleigh" - Tess Clare

    The beat drops hard in this empowering Christmas tune. Can you say girl power?? 


    This will be my anthem for the entire month of December, because I'm ready to sleigh this holiday season, single or not. 


    This one takes traditional Christmas beats and turns it into an absolute jam...11/10

  5. 5. "New Axe" - Jack Johnson

    Jack Johnson does it again. How does every song he creates make you want to fall in love? Even if it means falling in love with the holidays. 


    This casual and carefree song will sweep you off your feet and into winter bliss. 


    Since anything Jack Johnson touches turns to gold… 10/10

  6. 6. "The Ones You Love" - Daniel Blake

    This feelgood song makes you want to take a long drive surrounded by snowy trees and mountains. If you're looking for a happy, go-lucky song during the holiday season, this one is perfect. 


    Sometimes, I think alternative music reigns supreme no matter the occasion… 10/10

  7. 7. "Make It To Christmas" - Alessia Cara

    Alessia Cara delivers an absolutely perfect performance in "Make It To Christmas." I'm calling it now, this should be the holiday song of the season. 


    The song speaks to the longingness that comes with Christmas in a relatable way. 


    This one goes without saying… 12/10

  8. 8. "December, Darling" - Meg & Dia

    Meg & Dia came out with four new Christmas songs and their haunted harmonies are on full display. Personally, I'd pass on this one because it's a little too eerie for me. 


    I do, however, recommend the EP namesake "Christmas All the Time," if you're looking for a cheery and fun holiday tune. 


    Meg & Dia are magical, but this one goes a little too far for me… 5/10

  9. 9. "I'll Be Your Santa Tonight" - Keith Urban

    You'll notice this is the one country song I included in this list, and you can probably guess I'm not a country music fan, but the smooth and sultry Keith Urban demands recognition. 


    His song is sweet (not sickeningly-sweet) and reminds you of those heartwarming moments that come with the holidays. The song is about having that one person you can count on each holiday to "be your Santa." 


    TBH Keith Urban can release another any day now… 9/10

  10. 10. "Just Ain't Christmas" - Ne-Yo

    Ne-Yo released his first Christmas album in mid-October and his songs are making ripples in the Christmas music genre. The album "Another Kind of Christmas" is full of yuletide bangers and features a lot of other new, exciting artists. 


    He's kind of known for producing songs that all sound the same, but surprisingly, each song has a distinctive sound and mood that will have you humming until Christmas arrives. 


    Not usually my vibe, but I can't deny the jazzy quality that keeps me coming back… 7/10