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Recently, I went on a little weekend getaway to relive some stress and have some fun.  Unfortunately, without planning correctly I could’ve been left even more stressed out trying to get everything I needed together in between classes, a job, an internship, AND a dog.  But I’m such a planner, and with that being said- I’ve got you covered.


1. Check your schedule-PLAN IT OUT.

We all need a fun weekend away once and a while, but you have to make sure you’re not missing anything!  I always check my planner.  I 100% recommend giving the Erin Condren Life Planner a chance!  I knew all the assignments I had to turn in and when to do it to make sure school was NOT a worry when I was 500 miles away!


2. Get your tan on!

Some of us are just losing our beautiful summer tans, and some of us never even had one (#AlwaysWorking).  But if I’m going to be dressing up really cute when I’m away, I don’t want to look pale in my pictures!  I LOVE the L’Oreal Skin tanning towelettes!  They’re super easy to use and individually packaged so you can bring them with ya!


3. Pack smart!

Ok, this one is crazy and you probably don’t even know what it is. Traveling with a toothbrush is obviously necessary but always kind of gross.  You put the little toothbrush head onto of the brush to keep it safe, but I don’t think the brush ever feels the same.  But SteriPod is an awesome company that sells toothbrush covers and they keep your brush clean and sterilized for up to 3 months, so it’s more than perfect for your weekend away.


4. Snacks!

Ok, it doesn’t matter who you are, where you are, or how far your going.  I will not get in the car, on a bus or a train or a plane without a snack.  You don’t know what you’re going to pass, and if you’re only a little hungry, truck stop food might not be your ideal snack.  I packed myself some Hi-Chew candies!  They’re super fruity and come in a variety of flavors and they sell them at Target, and don’t try to tell me you don’t go to Target.

5. Going to be out late? Don’t worry, this will HOLD you in great.

On my trip, I had some pretty late nights and I wouldn’t do my hair with any other product but the Bed Head by TIGI Masterpiece Shine Hairspray.  It held my hair in all night and it looked fantastic.  They also have some great dry shampoo if you’re going to be running around and don’t have time to wash your hair for all your excursions.  


6. New city, new style?

I wanted to dress up super trendy on this trip, but I also didn’t want to spend a crazy amount of money.  I got some adorable accessories at Aeropostale for such a great price (and good quality!).  Their new denim is also perfect for trips that may involve a lot of food sampling (mine did for sure), they stretch out a lot, are super comfy and look so cute!


7. Need a mocktail (or a cocktail)?

When getting ready where we were staying, we had so much fun making drinks in the kitchen at the Airbnb!  I used Spindrift as a mixer base for everything!  My favorite flavor is the grapefruit, and it’s literally just sparkling water and real fruit!  (It’s also really delicious to drink plain too!)


8. Ever feel like you need a vacation from vacation?

Traveling can take a toll on your body, whenever I get home, I need a detox!  I always love doing a face mask at the end of a long weekend like this!  I use the Freeman Beauty face masks, and my favorite one for days like this is the Rejuvenating Cucumber and Pink Salt Clay Mask.  It makes your skin look and feel great, and honestly I think that does wonders for you!


This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

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