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Matt Escano: President of the Madison Project

We’re doing something a little different today, collegiettes. Say hello to the complete convergence of some of your favorite things: our v-logs, our Campus Cuties, and the Madison Project…oh yea, did I mention the Madison Project? Don’t bother trying to conceal your excitement because this group of guys is kind of a big deal around campus – it’s perfectly normal if you secretly geek out every time you see this dynamic group take stage!
Now we all know that the 70/30 female to male ratio on campus is discouraging for some girls (this collegiette can relate!). Since some shining light from the heavens has recently enlightened me on the topic, I’ll let you in on the answer to your biggest question: where are all those eligible and amazing bachelors hiding? Well-dressed in their fashionable blue-clad hoodies, the fine men of the Madison Project here at JMU are not only extremely talented – but also charming, smart, and personable. (You’re welcome.) 
I’m sure anyone who attends a Madison Project performance would agree, these men are definitely a unique a cappella group on campus. It is certainly a brotherhood. Meetings are a time

 to plan set-lists, audition soloists, and rehearse harmonies; but they are also an open forum for advice, critique, and an immense support of one other. I only wish I could perfectly articulate just how personable and spirited these JMU men are.
Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Madison Project’s president, Matt Escano, a senior ISAT major with a concentration in Exercise Biotechnology, to get all the inside details about these singing sensations…  
Her Campus: Before we get into your involvement in the Madison Project, what are some other clubs you’re involved in on campus?
Matt: I am an active member in the National Society of Leadership and Success. The club provides opportunities to listen to motivational speakers as well as learn from others about leadership, maximization of time, skills, and that which is provided to you. It’s a very great organization.
HC: When did you join the Madison Project and what would you say are some of your favorite parts of your involvement?
M: I joined The Madison Project as a first semester freshman so I have been a member since the beginning of my college career. I love so much about The Madison Project. The brotherhood aspect I’d say is the best part. I’d definitely say the group members are some of my closest friends and they shall remain so throughout my life, despite our different backgrounds and upbringings. The love of singing brought us together, but really the times outside of singing bring us closer; all the joking around, road trips, intramural sports – everything. Singing on stage can seem like an individual act, but singing together with the group is what makes me happy on stage.
HC: All of you guys have your own unique personalities that you bring to the group. Would you say that it has impacted your JMU career and experience here?
M: The immersion into different personalities and majors definitely has impacted my 
JMU career in a big way. It has allowed me to view life, problems, and issues in different ways. Also, because the group will continually grow, this means that my family gets bigger and bigger. I will always have something to come back to JMU for. 
HC: Tell us about some of the responsibilities you have as president, and how you stay so organized.
M: The responsibilities of the President are very numerous. I have to preside over all meetings and practices as well as be an ambassador of the group. I have to handle logistics and details of things not business or music related. I stay organized by simply using a written calendar, as well by focusing on today with a peripheral view of the days ahead.
HC: Since you are a senior, is there any advice you could give to your peers – especially to underclassmen who are new here to JMU?
M: I’d say that it’s never to late to make a change. In college, and in life, it is very easy to get into a routine, which can get boring and monotonous. Join a club or organization; you could meet you’re best friends and make memories that will last a lifetime.

And now, more on the Madison Project in this special Vlog!

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