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A Letter to Our Presidential Candidates

Dear Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton,

I am your average 18 year-old college student. I don’t know all of the complexities of politics, but I want to be an informed voter and you’re both making it very hard for people like me to predict what my future will look like. My next four years in college will be spent with one of you as the President of our country. This election affects my life after college when I will be thrown into the adult world, and that scares me. Will I be able to get a job? Will I be able to have a steady income to hopefully support my future family? Will I be in crippling debt because of the college education I need in order to get a job? Will the economy be good enough for me to buy a place of my own? Obviously these are just my own personal questions, but I have heard absolutely nothing of meaning that can help me put together the puzzle pieces to form what either of you will do for the common people of the United States.

I am so sick of hearing about deleted emails, unreleased tax returns and all of the petty bickering that went on not only during the first debate, but continued in the town hall debate. During the debates, I found myself literally laughing out loud at both of your responses. I want to know what YOU will do, not what your opponent is or is not going to do. I see enough about the accusations and rumors on Facebook, Twitter, Buzzfeed and in pretty much any tabloid online or in stores, so I don’t want to hear about them at a time that I think I will finally be informed about the issues that matter.

After watching the disaster that was the first debate, I was eager to see what you would say when actual citizens would be asking questions about basic policies and what not. Of course, the accusations and rumors have to be addressed even if they shouldn’t be the main focus of your campaigns, but just address it and  move on for God’s sake. Numerous topics were never even discussed, such as gun control, equal pay and minimum wage. Not to mention the social issues that were never brought up, like LGBTQ rights, abortion or police brutality. All of these problems are tearing America apart right now. It’s what people see on the news everyday, and what most people have opinions about regardless of their interest in politics. I understand that there is a limited amount of time for the debates, but if less time was committed to mindless arguing, maybe more ground could be covered.

Instead, all I saw was the same arguing I see between my little brother and sister. “Well she said this” and “Well he said that,” and none of it matters. Why can’t we just have a professional debate? You have a time limit — respect it.  Stop interrupting each other — we can’t understand either one of you. Trump, stop playing the victim. If everyone was against you, you wouldn’t have made it this far, so stop whining about it and just answer the questions. People say voting in this election is just choosing the “lesser of two evils,” and neither of you are giving me any reason to think differently.

So I am begging you, on October 19th no more frivolous arguments. I want to hear what YOU want for this country. You can talk about coming together and unifying all you want, but it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t tell the American people HOW you are going to do that. Please be role models for the American people, not the laughing stock of the world leaders. No more “locker room talk,” no more interruptions and no more he said, she said. Give it to us straight up and get your shit together.


A young adult who is seriously concerned for the well-being of America

P.S. Trump, get a tissue or an inhaler or something please.



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