Kelley Krzynefski '16

Name: Kelley Krzynefski

Hometown: Centreville, VA

Year: Senior 

Major: Computer Information Systems (CIS)

Favorite hobbies: Hanging out with friends on the Quad, working out and scrolling through Buzzfeed 

A fun fact about you: Aspiring Pink Power Ranger and coffee enthusiast 

What is your favorite experience from your time as a student at JMU?

One of my favorite experiences as a JMU student was participating in an Alternative Spring Break Trip last year in Charlotte, NC. The decision to register for the trip was totally spontaneous! In Charlotte, we served at an organization called "LifeSpan" which works with individuals who have physical and mental disabilities from childhood to adulthood. Interacting with the individuals challenged me to leave my comfort zone behind and embrace serving them through games, dancing, creating artwork, and maintaining the LifeSpan facilities. I also had the opportunity to work alongside an amazing group of JMU student volunteers, with whom I really bonded with during our transformative weeklong service adventure!  

What was the best part of being an OPA this summer? 

My favorite thing about Orientation is experiencing people as their most true selves, doing something they're passionate about, at the university and for the students they LOVE. The OPA position challenged me everyday with opportunities to make important decisions on the spot, speak on stage in front of a crowd, and to make sure that I was "always on" for all incoming students and 300 FrOG’s looking to me as an example. The best part about a challenge is looking back to see the challenge in the distance and how you've grown from it. I think I can look back on my time as an OPA and say I have learned how to truly be confident and be my genuine self. I also wore a huge sparkly gold bow all summer!!! 

After you graduate and leave JMU (boo!) what are your plans/goals?

I'm applying to a few CIS positions at different firms...nothing will ever beat this summer working for Orientation! I also really want to compete on the Amazing Race with my brother!