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Keep Calm & De-stress for Midterms!

With midterms rolling along, stress levels are bound to start rising. And we all know what stress brings – tears, lots of chocolate, and more tears. But don’t fret collegiettes, there’s plenty of ways to “de-stress” right here on campus!
Massages at UREC
Our very own UREC gym offers massages throughout the semester. What better way is there to relax and leave feeling more rejuvenated then before without even leaving campus? With so many varieties, you’re bound to find one in your price range.

While you’re getting your massage at UREC, don’t forget to check out the yoga, pilates, and meditation classes. These classes can help you relax while also getting you to work on your spring break body. 

OJ everyday
Next time you’re at the dining halls, pour yourself a glass of this fine breakfast beverage. The Vitamin C helps reduce stress hormones and also boost your immune system too!
Tea time
If you needed another reason to hit up Starbucks or JavaCity, well, here it is. Studies have shown that tea can help reduce stress. So during midterms add a cup of tea to your order and you are sure to be feeling better soon!
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