Kathleen Kalinsky: A JMU Alumna

How does it feel to be a JMU alumna?

It’s completely satisfying. Knowing all the hard work we are told pays off actually pays offand it's amazing. I won’t lie; initially I was scared out of my mind! I didn’t show it because that would be silly. But, there was absolutely an element of fear when there is so much left that is unknown. It’s also so incredible to be able to share my experience with people who also went to JMU! So many people at my company, Enterprise Rent a Car, attended JMU and I can tell you it’s pretty cool seeing the success stories of those people. Also brings a lot of hope for my own future!

Can you tell us how you landed a job so soon after graduation?

I started searching high and low in all fields about 3 months prior. I researched a lot about different companies and various levels of positions. I wanted to know there were options. There were an abundance of options. I applied for anything that sounded remotely interesting. Probably sent about 13-23 resumes out, and finally started hearing back. I got responses from 6 companies. When I got more information, mostly I wasn’t interested. I thanked the recruiter or talent acquisitionist for his or her time and politely declined additional information. As soon as I heard back from Enterprise, I knew it was something I wanted to pursue. I reached out to two Alpha Sigma Tau alumnae, one of which is also JMU alum and they both said I would love it. They’ve been right so far!

You recently launched your own blog about life after college, can you tell us a little more about that?

I’ve always loved writing. I love the freedom we gain as we get older. I was an active member of HCJMU for all 4 of my years. It gave me a voice for others and it made my voice stronger. When deciding what to name my blog, I had to think about what it was I wanted to even share! I love talking about personal experiences. It’s fun, and it’s relatable. My passions are fitness and food. Mostly food, but I need fitness to keep up with passion for food. On my blog I have regular posts relating directly to life going from college to corporate America, a page dedicated to favorite quotes and sayings, and a page for both fitness (workouts and motivation) and food (tricks and treats for eating healthy and happily as an adult). My goal with my “From College to Corporate” blog is to continue sharing my experiences with others.

What made you want to share your experiences with other people?

It’s extremely helpful to know “you’re not the only one” in any given situation. As much as an adult (an older adult) can tell you that things will be fine, or it’s not the end of the world when something goes wrong are true, it’s not helpful. It’s not helpful at all. I want to share real talk about real life as a real person.

Do you have any advice for the soon to be graduates?

Don’t be afraid to step out on a ledge that looks shaky. There are so many different roads you can take in life, but there are no dead ends. There are many detours, but they only build you up to be a better person. Trust that things have a way of working out for the best. Don’t think there is a final say in your life at any point. You can ALWAYS change your mind and your life path. Being an adult takes planning. You still have time to do everything if you plan accordingly, it not the day just gets away from you and it’s better luck tomorrow!

A little more about Kathleen

Success comes from desire. It’s not about luck. Kathleen has created a blog because she wants to share tips, fails, and relatable moments with other women already or soon to be in the work force. She shares information openly and honestly. It can be a challenge to be a woman in general, but it’s an entirely different ballgame to be a woman in the work world if you let it be. Fortunately, Kathleen’s From College to Corporate (www.kathleenfromcollegetocorporate.com) blog provides some comic relief and pretty solid advice on how to handle integration into the real world! She was a collegiette just like most of our readers and she is absolutely willing to answer any and all questions. Stay tuned to her blog and send her feedback! She loves to know what her readers are looking for more in whatever topic.