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JMU’s College of Business Pre-Requisites Ranked

As we know, JMU’s College of Business is not a walk in the park. Here I have ranked from 8 being easiest and 1 being hardest JMU’s pre-reqs for the College of Business

COB 291: Business Analytics II
COB 241: Managerial Accounting
COB 242: Financial Accounting
ECON 201: Micro Economics
COB 191: Business Analytics I
ECON 200: Macro Economics
COB 204: Computer Information Systems
COB 202: Interpersonal Skills

If you’re a business major, I’m sorry and good luck!

JMU '21 Lexie is an undergraduate Digital Marketing major at James Madison University. She enjoys listening to Taylor Swift and drinking an alarming amount of cold brew. Her favorite authors are Morgan Matson and Jenny Han, and she hopes to one day become a book publisher.
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