JMU Has Free Tampons!

    After years of having to create temporary solutions to contain our menstrual flow, James Madison University finally has blessed us with free feminine hygiene products. No longer do we have to fear wearing white shorts on the days leading up to the first day of our periods, nor do we have to be embarrassed about asking any random girl if she could spare a tampon. We don’t even have to splurge 25 cents for a cheap maxi pad anymore. As of the fall semester of 2017, JMU is providing us the free sanitary products we normally charge an arm and a leg for.

    Women are so often charged extra for products that either men get for a cheaper price, or are specific products for those who are biologically females. I was just explaining to my boyfriend how men are charged $15 for an entirely different look while women are charged $60 for a mere trim. The same overcharging could be said about how a simple product like deodorant – it’s not a little-known fact that women’s deodorant is more expensive than men’s. Tampons and pads are yet another female only product that women spend countless paychecks on.

    While I understand that nothing could really be free due to economic reasons, I am beyond happy that JMU is giving us these products for free. I commend JMU for providing us this small, but very important gift – and I’m not the only one. Katie, a sophomore in my biology lab group, said these free tampons have already saved her after her period started a week earlier than anticipated. Also, my friend Lexi grabs one or two after every time she uses an on-campus bathroom just in preparation. These machines are already getting tons of use for girls who need them on campus. I would like to use this opportunity to ask you to continue making suggestions like this to your university to make it a better place for us students. I would also ask you to consider donating products like feminine hygiene products to those women in need, such as homeless women and those affected by natural disaster such as Hurricane Harvey.