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JMU Alum Makes Adorable Wine Glasses

Recently while on Instagram, I found a page called @theburlapwinesack.  When going through her page, I instantly fell in love!  She is a JMU Alumna who has a business making custom wine glasses!  She has a ton of products on her Etsy page and they’re all super cute!  She has a few different themed lines of wine glasses and my three favorite are the JMU (obviously), Hocus Pocus (beause who doesn’t love that movie) and The Bachelor!  

Just in time for homecoming this weekend, I received my first (and definitely not my last) glass from her!


First off, the packaging is ADORABLE, it actually came in a Burlap Wine Sack-like how cute!

After taking the wine glass out of the sack, I was super excited to see what it looked like in person, and the quality is great! She also included JMU colored beads which I thought was a super nice touch.


If you see me this weekend, there’s an 11/10 chance I’ll be drinking out of this glass!


You can find her wine glasses here:

Instagram: @theburlapwinesack

Twitter: @burlapwinesack

Facebook: /theburlapwinesack

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheBurlapWineSack?ref=shop_sugg

Hope you all have a happy and safe homecoming! xoxox



**this glass was sent to me as a gift from @theburlapwinesack, review is all true information**

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