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Jake McMonagle ’18

NameJake McMonagle

Year: Freshman

Majors: Quantitative Finance and Math

Hometown: Philadelphia 

What clubs or organizations are you involved with at JMU?  

Lets see, I am in the JMU Honors program, I am founding member of Kappa Delta Roe (KDR), and Cinerarium so I run the meetings. I’m also part of JMU Club Dodge Ball, the Treasure for CAB at Shenandoah, and I participated in Best Buddies. I read at mass one or twice a month on Sundays and I’m in the Financial Management Association.

Which organization/club event or activity has been your favorite so far?

This is currently going on but Greek Sing. Just because it’s a good bonding experience, fun and a funny way to get-together with my brothers.

You do a lot of activities for a freshman, is there any that you were surprised you joined?

I’m pretty surprised I joined a fraternity, never thought I would join one.

Do you have any future plans of getting more involved in JMU?

I plan on joining the Business Club and hopefully get a leadership role in it.

What is your favorite thing about JMU?

I would say the opportunities. 

So Jake, what are your career goals?

I want to be a financial analyst or risk manager for a financial institution. 

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