Interview with JMU Alum: Stefanie Rottini

1. What year did you graduate and what was your major?

2012 as an IDLS major and with a minor in Elementary Education, then graduated in 2013 with a Masters Degree.


2. What was your favorite part about JMU

The people, the community, and the culture.


3. What do you miss most from college?

A meal plan; living and being around all your friends


4. What was your hardest Gen Ed?

British Lit


5. Where did you live when you were a student?

Chappelear and Hanson the village.

“Village all the way!”


6. What was the best place to eat on campus when you went here?

Dukes/Top Dog


7. How has JMU prepared in your career?

It gave me the education, along with the practical experiences that prepared me for my career.


8. Where do you work?

I'm now a Kindergarten teacher in Midlothian, Virginia.


9. If you could back to JMU and choose a different major, which one would you choose?

Kinesiology to become a dietitian.