I Tried a DIY Charcoal Nose Peel and I'm Shook

I’ve never been one to try DIY facial or makeup products. I am always afraid that I’ll damage my skin from a “pinterest fail.” So when I noticed the charcoal blackhead peel trend, I was extremely hesitant. After much thought and deliberation, I decided to try it and here’s how it went.


STEP ONE: Get your ingredients


  • For this blackhead peel all you will need is a bottle of Elmer’s glue and pills of activated charcoal powder. You can find these pills at your local drug or health food store.


STEP TWO: Remove all makeup / wash your face

  • This isn’t required, but you will get the best results if your face is clean and your pores are clear.


STEP THREE: Press a hot wet washcloth against your face for about a minute

  • This is necessary to dilate your pores!




STEP FIVE: Mix a tablespoon of the Elmer’s glue and 3-4 opened pills of activated charcoal

  • In my case, I used a dixie cup for easy clean up!


STEP SIX: Spread a thin layer of the black goo over your nose and any areas where you are prone to blackheads

  • I used a paintbrush to spread the mixture, but using your fingers would work fine! There will be some little air bubbles forming, when this happened I painted over them to be thorough.


STEP SEVEN: Wait 10 minutes for the mask to dry

  • I am an extremely fidgety person and it took a little longer than 10 minutes to dry because I applied the mask a little bit thicker. As the mask dried it felt like your standard drugstore face mask drying - nothing out of the ordinary.

STEP EIGHT: Peel the mask off of your face.

  • This was painful. I’m not going to sugar coat it, it feels like ripping off a bandaid. My eyes were tearing up. As you take the mask off, you can see everything you’re pulling out of your pores and that’s really eye opening or gross depending on how you look at it.


Afterward, my face was a little bit red but really smooth and soft. The next day, I definitely noticed a difference in the way my skin looked. Before my nose had a lot of dry skin, but the next day my skin looked clearer and my face felt great!


I would definitely recommend trying this to those who are on the fence about trying it! It is a really simple process and perfect for people like me who always seem to be the creators of Pinterest fails. Also, the ingredients are really cheap, much cheaper than the masks that you’d buy online or in the store.


Good luck and happy peeling!