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HOW TO: Wine and Cheese Party

JMU students work hard during the week so that they can have fun on the weekends. But having fun on the weekend doesn’t need to be limited to netflixing in bed or going out to parties; host your own wine and cheese party at home! Two things JMU students love are food and wine, so it’s the perfect combination to spice up your weekend.

Step 1: Pick a date and invite your friends. They’ll be impressed by how sophisticated you are for hosting a wine and cheese night. Very posh.

Step 2: Real grown ups match certain wines with certain cheese. Try your best. Some suggestions are Ricotta cheese with Pinot Grigio or Brie cheese with Pinot Noir. Don’t feel pressured to get fancy, this is college after all; a box of Franzia will do.

Step 3: Tell your friends to bring wine, too. You can never have enough and your sophisticated-self likes options.

Step 4: Put your selected cheeses on display with crackers and fruit. Get out the wine glasses. It’s party time!

Once your friends get to your apartment, educate them about all your cheese pairings. Or just start eating and drinking right away, your choice! Remember to have fun. Eating and drinking with friends is a staple of any good weekend!

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