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galentine\'s day party
galentine\'s day party
Krista Stucchio
Mental Health

How to Enjoy Valentine’s Day Alone

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Valentine’s day has become a holiday dreaded by single people everywhere. Seeing Chocolates and pink stuffed animals lining aisles at the grocery store, and being bombarded by happy couples on social media can be suffocating. Being alone on Valentine’s Day can make a person feel isolated and lonely. However, this year I am deciding to reclaim Valentine’s Day as a self-love holiday and this is how I’m going to do it.

Buy yourself flowers

In American culture, flowers are a way romantic relationships choose to express love. Buying a dozen of roses for yourself can be just as significant as buying them for a romantic partner. Not only do flowers brighten up your room but seeing something tangible that you did for yourself can be empowering.


Journaling is a practice that helps clear your head and brings relief to any lingering negative thoughts. Some examples of Valentine’s Day journal prompts could be: writing ten things you love about yourself, listing five things you’re grateful for, or writing out all of your feelings surrounding the holiday.

Make valentines for your friends

Psychologically when people feel low or isolated doing something nice for someone they love can help bring them out of that place. This idea is called the feel-good do-good phenomenon. A study done by a psychologist at the University of Louisville showed that when the participants did nice things for other people, they felt happier themselves. Making these could be as simple as buying candies from the grocery store and handing them out to a few friends. You can also get crafty and make them heart-shaped cards out of construction paper!

Take yourself on a date

Spending time alone can sometimes be uncomfortable, especially when you’re in public. However, doing things by yourself can be beneficial because independence is an important trait to have in every aspect of your life. A common way to achieve this independence is taking yourself on “dates”. Some examples of things you can do are: Getting your nails done, having lunch at your favorite restaurant, or going out for coffee, and bringing a favorite book along.


Physical activity releases hormones in your body called endorphins. These hormones are known to boost mood and reduce depressive symptoms. Although working out can seem like a chore, it’s important to pick something that you find beneficial and that intrigues you. A good start could be to try yoga! There are many yoga practices that you can find for free on youtube, even some that are specifically for self-confidence.

spend time with your pets

Spending time with your pets may do more for your mental health than you realize. Pets can increase dopamine levels, the feel-good hormone. Especially on Valentine’s day spending a little time with your pet might fulfill a need for companionship and that extra boost of dopamine can significantly help the sting of being alone.

Out of all of these suggestions, the most important thing to remember is that you are not alone. It may seem as though everyone else has someone to spend the holiday with but being able to spend time by yourself is admirable and healthy! You are amazing, Happy Valentine’s Day.

Rachel is a Psychology major at James Madison University. In her free time she enjoys writing, spending time with friends, cooking, and working out!
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