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How To Stay Productive At Home Over Spring Break

Here are a few tips to keep this from happening while you’re home this week:

1. Dont procrastinate on work

Youve heard it at least seven million times, but this is one rule that people (myself included) almost never follow. However, nothing is worse than thinking about all the work you have to do over a break. Its way better to just postpone putting yourself in break modeand get work done at the beginning of the week than it is to use your last day of break doing homework.

If you won’t listen to me, listen to Diana Agron.
2. Make plans with friends

If youre like me, making plans sometimes seems like too much effort when youre trying to unwind, even if its with your best friends! My advice is to fight those feelings of laziness/introversion and hang out with as many people as possible because when people ask you what you did over break, youll be way less annoyed by this question if you have a real answer. Leave daytime for friends and nighttime for Friends(because Netflix is still important, and dont let anyone tell you differently).

3. Be creative

You know that hobby/activity/whatever that you love doing but never actually do because you’re so busy? DO IT. Regardless of how much work you have on your plate, this is probably the most free time youll have until school ends so take advantage of it! If you dont have one of these hobbies, social media has a *literally* endless supply of inspiration.

4. Stay active

Im not going to tell you to cut out all sugar and run a 5k while youre at home, but you will feel much better about your break if you stay relatively active. Get reacquainted with the scenery in your hometown by going for a walk/run with friends or schedule hang-outs at places you can walk or ride a bike to! You can also take advantage of that gym membership that you forgot to cancel before you came to college and keep forgetting aboutOr maybe thats just me.

As much as we love Liz Lemon, this is one time you dont want to be like her.

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