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How to Start the Spring Semester Off Right

Yeah, we’re still in that holiday break mindset but believe it or not, Spring Semester is here. Here are some tips on how to properly start the semester off right!

Get a planner and ACTUALLY use it!

Yes, we all know you absolutely LOVE your Lily Pulitzer planner, but rather than just ` carrying it around and pulling it out in class to look organized, maybe use it? Every day, inside your planner, write a daily list of tasks to do in order of importance. Putting your tasks down on paper and visualizing what needs to get done really puts work into perspective. Rather than getting stressed and putting off the work by procrastinating, be proactive and face those fears, or homework. Same thing.

Put away those pesky summer clothes

We are all aware of spring cleaning, but we can’t forget about the equally important winter cleaning. New year, new me, amirite? Gather those pesky cute spring tops and bottoms and put them away so you can prioritize your winter apparel. In the long run, this will leave a more organized closet and dresser while simultaneously helping you visualize what clothes you actually have to wear.

Get into the right school mindset

After a long winter break, we all do it: we forget the mere existence of school and homework. Although, if you go into the spring semester with the mindset of getting ready to grind, it will make your days that much easier when accomplishing tasks.

Learn how to meal prep

The idea of meal prepping is a simple task, but after one week it normally goes out the window. Now meal prepping doesn’t have to be a perfectly planned and cooked three-course meal for every part of the week. Although, gather and purchase the necessary ingredients at the store to make cooking throughout your week much easier. It’s common to easily run out of food, then live off chipotle and fast food until we go to the store again. But just prepare what you want to cook for the week and it will really make life much easier.


JMU '21 Lexie is an undergraduate Digital Marketing major at James Madison University. She enjoys listening to Taylor Swift and drinking an alarming amount of cold brew. Her favorite authors are Morgan Matson and Jenny Han, and she hopes to one day become a book publisher.
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