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How to Spend the Last Weekend of October the Right Way

October is quickly coming to a close. The weather is now transitioning into crisp autumn air that makes our spooky fall activities finally seem appropriate. Those Halloween-y fall activities that you can only really do in October are almost gone, so here is a list of five things to do your final weekend in October.


1. Carve those pumpkins!

There is still time after Halloween to pick pumpkins, but there is nothing like carving Jack-o-Lanterns or Harry Styles’ face into pumpkins to really get you in the Halloween spirit.

2. Go to Fear Forest

Don’t want to travel all the way to King’s Dominion or Busch Gardens to experience an interactive scare fest? Fear Forest is a 15 minute drive from JMU’s campus. Grab all of your friends who are itching for a good scare and take a trip into the woods to scream your heart out at the zombies and clowns.

3. Have a scary movie marathon/classic Halloween TV show marathon

There’s nothing cozier than watching classic Halloween movies like the Halloweentown series, Twitches, or Hocus Pocus with a hot cup of coffee curled up in a blanket on the couch with a pumpkin spice candle burning. You could even switch it up and add some of those classic Disney Channel Halloween episodes that we all still get scared over…The Ghost in Suite 613 anybody?

4. Make Halloween DIY Crafts

Take a trip to your local Hobby Lobby and load up on craft supplies! Decorate your room with all of your pins on Pinterest. You could paint mason jars and transform your door into Frankenstein or a mummy!

5. Get Creative With Your Costume

Everyone in college is on a budget, so get creative with clothes that you already have! You can never go wrong with just buying cheap animal ear headbands and doing a fun spin on the “basic” costumes. I bought a headband from H&M that has little bat wings on it because I got inspiration from my favorite vine of the little girl who is fascinated with Halloween decorations and says “It’s freakin’ bats…I love Halloween”

I am a 20 year old Media Arts and Design major with a concentration in Creative Advertising and minors in Music Industry and Communications at James Madison University from Fredericksburg, Virginia.
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