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How to Remain Productive Over Break

The days of carefree breaks from school are long gone, and if you’re like me, it seems as if you have more assignments and impending tests over break than you do on a regular week of classes. While relaxing and spending time with family and friends are high on my list of priorities, here are some ways I have found to remain productive (and sane) over break:


1. Catch up at a coffee shop

I have so many friends that go to different colleges that I NEED to see over break. Odds are you and your friends both have some school work to get done. Catch up on the past semester and your future work by exploring a new coffee shop in your town, chatting between lattes and assignments.


2. Make some flash cards

Whether you’re in long lines on Black Friday or waiting at the Doctor’s office at one the many appointments your mom has scheduled for you, flash cards are a quick way to study on the go. The Quizlet app is available on your phone and features flashcards, quizzes, games, and tests.


3. Listen to an e-book

During your travels to and from home, listen to the e-book version of your latest reading assignment. If you’re lucky, your class textbooks may even have a free audio version available online.


4. Text your high school job

Binging at your favorite local restaurants and Christmas shopping can really cut into your budget. There’s no harm in texting or calling your high school job and asking if they need any extra help around the holidays. A shift or two over break gives you a guaranteed escape from overbearing extended family and helps offset your spending.


While Thanksgiving and Winter Breaks are well-deserved after all of our hard work this semester, don’t take this time off for granted. You’ll thank yourself later for being proactive and productive.

Clara Peirce is a junior at James Madison University, studying Media Arts and Design. Aside from Her Campus, she is actively involved in JMU's Advertising Club and The Honors College. Clara is an avid social media user, shopper, and deal finder. You can find her at any local thrift store, or making the latest recipe or DIY project she found on Pinterest.
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