How to Relieve Stress

We have officially completed week three at JMU! Classes are starting to get a little more serious, and exams, papers, and deadlines are coming up. If you’re starting the feel the stress of it all, check out these tips on how to relax and unwind!

1. Take a stress relief or meditation class at UREC

This week, the 30-minute stress relief class is being held on Tuesday, September 17th at 12:45 pm. The meditation class, also a 30-minute class, is being held at 12:45 on Thursday, September 19th.

2. Go for a walk in the Arboretum

A relaxing walk through the Arboretum will put you at ease instantly. The Robert and Frances Plecker Pond Loop Trail, along with the Ann O’Connor Jurney Stage Garden, offer beautiful views and landscapes to get your mind off of any stresses.

3. Sign up for a 40-minute time slot in JMU’s new “nap nook” at Festival

Sleep is an incredibly important factor to feeling refreshed and rested, and the new “nap nook” in Festival is a great place to catch some z’s. The giant bean bags can be reserved online or by walk-in.

4. Head to the 3rd floor of Carrier for some real peace and quiet

If you’re tired of the hustle and bustle of a busy campus, the 3rd floor of Carrier can feel like a completely different world. Whether you want a quiet study space, a great reading spot, or just a place to hear yourself think, this part of the library offers a noiseless environment.