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How to Push Through Finals Week

Whether you’re in the middle of finals week or finals are approaching, finding the motivation can be especially hard at the end of the fall semester. Here are a few reminders on how to stay motivated during exam week. 


Stalk people on linked in who hold jobs in your career.

A great way to stay motivated is to look at those who currently hold positions in your dream job post-grad! 


Think about all the work you have done this semester.

After a whole semester of work, or a semester of not doing any work, the best thing to do is think about everything you’ve accomplished and to not let it go to waste because of finals! 


Study with friends in a fun environment.

Studying with others can help you in most situations. If you find the right people you can divide up the work and teach each other the information. 


Take a study break. 

Taking a study break is important to restart your brain to continue absorbing information. While time is valuable, if you don’t treat your body right you will get sick both physically and mentally! 


Remember this is the last week, so push through and the pain will be over!

Yes it sucks. No one enjoys studying until 3 am, but in the end, remember that this is one week of your life and you will make it through! 


Good Luck and remember you are more than just a number!

Kristen is a sophomore Writing Rhetoric and Technical Communication Major at James Madison University. Favorites include binge-watching youtube videos, eating acai bowls, running on trails, and having self-care days!
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