How to Make the Most of Your Friday Classes

Friday classes.  A necessary evil.  In classes that don’t take attendance, it seems as though attendance on Fridays is particularly low in comparison to other days of the week.  Why is that? Why do we hate Friday classes? Friday is just like any other day of the week, except better, because it’s the start to the weekend we’ve come to enjoy ever since we were first introduced to the 5-day prison known as school.  


But guess what?  Fridays don’t have to suck.  I’ve decided to not mind my Friday classes, and allowed them to create a fresh start for my weekend.  Step one to allowing yourself to make the most of your Friday classes, instead of letting your classes take the best of you: go to all your Friday classes.  Post-skip anxiety is real: sometimes you can stress yourself out more by thinking of what you missed in class than you would’ve if you had just gone.  To give yourself that extra push on Friday morning, maybe create a ritual to stop by a coffee shop before your first class and sip on your latte while you listen to the lecture.  The little things do count, especially if you already feel exhausted just by getting yourself up early on Friday morning.  


I found gratitude in my Friday classes because they give me an excuse to get my day moving.  Sure, laying in bed until noon can be the easier route, perhaps more relaxing and meditative as well, but you will feel yourself dragging all day long.  You eat more, feel lazier, and are generally less productive when you start your day later than earlier.  


The second step to making the most of your Friday classes is planning something fun right afterwards.  Something to look forward to. Whether that be lunch with a friend, a nail appointment, or just a binge-watch marathon while soaking in a bubble bath, have something exciting planned to reward yourself for a hard-worked week.   


You can balance the burden of Friday classes with the joy of a weekly latte and nail appointment (if your budget allows!).  Fridays are supposed to be special, so keep them that way. Stay motivated ladies! 😊