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How to Keep your New Year’s Diet Resolution

Many people spend the last moments of the year with family, friends, champagne – or making their New Year’s resolution. Resolutions can range from trying to be a nicer person, ditching the guy who is wrong for you, or most of all, becoming healthier.  But most healthy eating and weight loss resolutions are hardly realistic, especially when they are made by collegiettes starting a new semester at school.
It is easy to say that you will try to eat healthier when your parents are buying your food, when you are sweating on the treadmill at your gym at home, and when you don’t have classes and studying to worry about. However, upon returning to school, it’s a different story.
One of the main problems many of us have is that we do not set realistic resolutions for weight loss goals and healthy eating.  We do not take into consideration the start of a new semester beyond the comfort of our own homes. One of the best ways to set a realistic healthy goal is to start off small and work with what you have. On an interview on The Today Show, Dr. Mehmet Oz discusses how to keep your diet by listening to four rules. These rules are to: write your goal down, declare it publicly, arrange your environment to help, and track your progress. By adapting your diet or healthy eating plan to the environment you live in at school, as said in rule three, your resolution could be one of the ones you actually follow through with! Below are some ways to keep your goal thriving, college student style…

Keep your food supply healthy
If living on a meal plan, it can be hard to stick to healthy foods, because there are so many options in front of you. Next time you’re at D-Hall, try and utilize the calorie count that they show to help you pick out what to eat. It may also help to try and avoid places where there is temptation; stick to places like Mrs. Greens, where there are more healthy options to choose from!
For the off campus residents, keep your refrigerator stocked with healthier foods, and eliminate buying unhealthy ones. We can even take a lesson from Extreme Couponing, and try and save coupons to use, since it is harder to eat healthy on a budget. If you surround yourself with healthy foods, it will be easier to resist temptations for sweets and fatty foods.
Plan time for exercising
Since we are lucky enough to have a free gym membership right on campus, UREC is the perfect place to start an exercise regime. It can be hard to fit in exercise next to classes and studying, but if you plan outset times to go, it will make it easier to get up and out the door. Try writing it in your planner, too, so you make sure it is a priority!

Many off campus residencies have gyms as well, and if it is too cold for the walk, use work out videos.  Start out with a few days a week, and then work your way up. This will help you get used to fitting exercise into your schedule and life.
Listen to the rules!
We all know Dr. Oz knows his stuff, and the rules are sure to help you reach and keep your goals. Write down food lists and exercise times, tell your friends about your goal (you can be workout partners!), stock your refrigerator with healthy foods, and track your progress so you can see that this type of resolution is one that’s worth it to keep!

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