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How to Fall in Love with Yourself

Ah, Valentine’s Day- the time for showing love to family, friends and, of course, your significant other! But as the motto says, “If you can’t love yourself, how the heck are you gonna love anybody else?!” Sometimes because of our routines we tend to be hard on ourselves and not treat ourselves as well as we should. But keep in mind, you’re a person who is as deserving of love as anyone else!


Here are five steps to take you well on your way to self-love:

Date Yourself!– Spend time alone with yourself doing things that you love to do. Go to a restaurant and order your favorite dish (who says eating alone is weird!?), or work on a project that really speaks to you and gives you happiness. Doing so will give you lot of time reflect and think about your future goals. And doing something you love is sure to generate great feelings of  yourself and pave a path for where you could be heading!

Volunteer-Although you shouldn’t volunteer simply for yourself, helping others makes you feel great about yourself. Giving up your time for good causes increases self-worth and helps you develop passions that might make your career path clearer! Harrisonburg is full of fulfilling and fun volunteer opportunities, try one!

Pamper yourself– Take the night out for yourself and indulge in a little self-care (whatever your idea of self-care may be)! If it’s giving yourself a manicure, spending all night in your snuggie playing video games, or hiking all early morning, go for it!

Don’t compare yourself– You are you alone, take time out for yourself to realize what an individual person you are. If you’re looking at the super smart girl in class and feeling a bit jealous, shake it off! The best reason not to compare yourself with others is because, simply said, you don’t compare! We are all different, and that energy spent hatin’ can be channeled toward more positive things… like finding your own unique strengths!

Pump Yourself Up!– Look in the mirror right as you are about to leave the house, paint yourself in compliments, stare yourself square in the eye and tell yourself everything you deserve to hear. Believe these things, and start off the day ready for greatness!


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