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How to Cope When Your Favorite TV Show Gets Canceled


We all know that feeling. You’ve watched all the episodes of you’re favorite show. You’ve obsessed over the characters. You have OTPs and celeb crushes. Then the news hits… It’s been canceled.

Your immediate reaction may be tears, or denial. But in the end, you can’t imagine your favorite characters lives basically being at a standstill in fictional development. You may never see another new episode…

Step 1: Take a break from TV shows for a bit.

At this point, another series probably won’t be able to fill the void of your show. Try taking up another activity, like reading, or watching a movie. Some say even going outside and experiencing nature works. Whatever helps you get your mind off the show is the best solution after the break of the news.


Step 2: Vent about the cancellation

Once you have fully experienced another activity to get your mind off the loss, it is time to revisit the show. By this I mean VENT. Get on all the social medias and complain why it was cancelled. Write letters to the show creators, start a riot in front of the studio (Maybe not literally). But let the show know that the fans are still there. Sometimes, not all shows are lost forever in the emptiness void of cancellation. If the network gets enough feedback, it may decide to bring the show back. And if all else fails, pray that netflix or hulu picks up the show, like how they saved Arrested Development and the Mindy Project.


Step 3: Relapse

By this point, if the show is not returning and has no clear sign of switching networks, it may be time to face the truth. It’s never coming back. Common diagnoses in this step is to face a relapse. A relapse is somehow starting the first episode of season again, just “for old times sake.” Then being trapped into watching the whole series again in two days. This is all part of the grieving process, and in time will help you get over the show by accepting the fate.


Step 4: Finding a new series

And finally moving on, and finding a new series. This step may be the hardest to achieve, but with exploration and recommendation, finding your next new favorite show can be a breeze. Hunt down some TV recommendations online, or ask some friends what they are watching. Then finally give some shows a test run. Watch the pilot, see how you like it, and if you do, it may be a start to a whole new era. And honestly, if all else fails, just watch Stranger Things!


JMU '21 Lexie is an undergraduate Digital Marketing major at James Madison University. She enjoys listening to Taylor Swift and drinking an alarming amount of cold brew. Her favorite authors are Morgan Matson and Jenny Han, and she hopes to one day become a book publisher.
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