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How to Be Social While Social Distancing

With all the craziness happening in our lives right now due to COVID-19, we’ve had to drastically change our lifestyles from one day to the next. With school being switched to online, and moving back to our hometowns, the one thing we keep hearing is social distancing. 


Being kept home all these days, has us wanting to socialize more than ever. But how do you socialize while trying to keep 6-feet apart? Below are some fun ways to stay in contact with your friends, families and loved ones while always keeping the distance in mind.

Download Houseparty

This fun and easy app allows you to socialize with your friends through a group video. Get your roommates back together (virtually) and enjoy catching up on the latest reality tv show drama and much more!

Have a Netflix Party!

We all know we’ve been binge-watching the latest Netflix hit, so why not make it more enjoyable and bring your friends along for the ride! With Netflix Party, it allows you to watch a movie or series with all your friends (virtually!). Grab your popcorn and get comfy.

Go for a family walk

As much as we all have school work to do and tests to study, take a very much needed break and enjoy some fresh air. Grab your family and go for an afternoon walk, but always maintain that safe distance. Next thing you’ll know everyone will be yelling to hear each other and you’ll have yourself some fun entertainment.

Plan a virtual Happy Hour!

Who says happy hours have to end when you’re practicing social distancing? Pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine and hop on a video chat with your closest friends. Get ready for that happy hour fun!

Though it may be an unsure time right now, one thing is for sure. We need to continue to keep our social lives alive, and make sure to not fall into a rut during these tough times. 

Next time you’re in the mood to socialize, take these helpful tips to help you socialize, but at a safe distance.

Hi everyone! I'm a senior studying Communications at James Madison University. As a New Jersey native, I'm excited to move back home to pursue my future career in Public Relations! I love the city, and all the adventures it has to offer. You can catch me with an iced coffee anywhere at anytime.
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