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Holidays in Harrisonburg: Shop The Lady Jane

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at JMU chapter.

Nestled in the heart of downtown Harrisonburg is the answer to your gift-giving woes. The Lady Jane shop holds an eclectic collection of treasures perfect for any gift you plan to give this holiday season. Featuring local artists and other independent makers, this is a great way to support small businesses during this holiday season. Plus, you may even see a foster cat or two roaming the store.

Currently featuring work from artist Mary Hairston, The Lady Jane has a collection of prints that are swoon-worthy and collage-ready. Do you know someone who wants to add some extra flare to their dorm room? A graduating senior who needs a map of Harrisonburg to decorate their new home? Look no further. Ranging from beautiful botanicals to vintage designs, these prints are a must-have.

One aspect that I love about JMU is the personality that people portray through their backpacks. From FROG ribbons to club buttons, students love to add their personal touch. However, The Lady Jane can bring you or your friend’s backpack game to a whole new level with their collection of pins. With a wide array to choose from, there’s a pin for every personality. This is the perfect stocking stuffer, or it can easily work alongside another gift. Hear me out: a present wrapped with a bow … held together by a unique pin. We’ve just found another essential item this holiday season.

That brings us to jewelry. The Lady Jane has statement earring. It’s got tasteful rings. There are necklaces, anklets, and everything in-between. If you’re stuck on what gift to get someone, jewelry is a classic, and The Lady Jane has got you covered.  

Tired of staring at your laptop screen as finals week looms overhead? Treat yourself with a new sticker from The Lady Jane. Yes, yes you deserve to buy yourself a present for the holiday season. From my many, many trips to The Lady Jane, I’ve seen stickers vary from the essential cat sticker to ones with an outdoorsy vibe. Also, a personal favorite, a collection of RGB stickers. Give yourself that extra motivation during finals week.

Looking toward the end of the holiday season, it’s time to start prepping for 2022 (which is crazy, I know). The Lady Jane has planners. And as you might have guessed it, but they’re absolutely adorable. For the friend or classmate who’s always forgetting assignments, or an avid planner and color-coder like me, a planner is the perfect gift. Unlike the generic planners you may find in other stores, these are sure to add some pizzaz to your everyday activities.

This holiday season, support a local Harrisonburg business. The Lady Jane is packed with amazing and thoughtful products. It truly is a treasure chest filled with gift-giving potential.

Kate is an undergraduate student at JMU. She is a Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication major with minors in Spanish and Honors Interdisciplinary Studies. Kate loves to travel, read, and spend time with friends.