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Men can be very difficult to shop for, especially boyfriends. It’s hard to determine what the perfect present could be or the amount to spend. Shopping for a boyfriend can be a guessing game, especially when they don’t show interest in material items. Factors to consider should include: the amount of time you have been dating, amount of money you are willing to spend, and the amount of gifts you plan to give. I created a brief list of ideas that I hope helps you decide what to get your boyfriend this holiday season!

the Stocking Stuffer: $5-50

Beanie/Winter Hat

  • Winter apparel is always a safe and easy choice to make when shopping for a boyfriend. Some options for this hat could include the logo of their favorite NFL team or a basic Carhartt staple colored beanie ($17). You can easily wrap this up and throw it in a stocking without breaking the bank!

Hygiene Products

  • This might be a gift a boyfriend doesn’t want- but it’s definitely the gift they need; and honestly, they will thank you for it. Some options for this could be shaving products, body wash, skincare, or hair gel. Whatever need applies to your boyfriend, he will appreciate not having to restock this item in their bathroom cabinet.

Experience-themed Gift Cards

  • A gift card can often seem like you were in a time crunch or put little thought into a present. However, the right type of gift cards can be very thoughtful! Gift cards based on “experiences” are great for those who have not been dating that long; giving your boyfriend a gift card to the movies, their favorite restaurant, an amusement park, etc. shows that you want to help fund an experience and want to do a fun activity together.
The Medium gift: $50-$100

The “In-Between” Shoe

  • It’s really hard for men to find a good “in-between” shoe since it is not the most compelling shoe purchase. If you go on a date night but it is not that formal, what shoes is your boyfriend wearing? You see all the time when men are dressed relatively nice but they ruin the look with their gym shoes. For the nights when you want to go out and he’s wearing nice jeans or pants, find a good sneaker that is not too casual or fancy to fit multiple situations. Some of my favorites include the Nike Blazer Low X Sneaker ($95), the Cole Hahn Nantucket 2.0 Sneaker ($89), or the Vans Atwood Deluxe Sneaker ($65). If you are looking to spend above $50 but below $100, this is the perfect gift that your boyfriend would most likely not have gotten himself.


  • Cologne is a classic gift, but it is truly timeless. Smelling good will never be out of style and better yet- you get to pick your favorite scent for him! It is a win-win with options of spending a medium price. Some great options are the Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue ($74), Givenchy Gentleman ($70), or Dior Savage ($82).

Personalized Decanter and Glasses

  • For the boyfriend that likes to drink, a personalized decanter for whiskey is a clever gift and a special decoration to display. There are many options on websites like Etsy to monogram a decanter, typically ranging from $50-$90. This unique gift is a great decoration and personal touch to his home decor while having an actual purpose too.
The big gift: $100+


  • A Theragun is a great gift for a boyfriend who works out or loves a muscle relaxer. It is so satisfying and he will definitely appreciate how it makes him feel- plus, they last for such a long time. The Theragun Mini is $200, and there are models that can reach up to $600. Personally, the mini works wonders, and my entire family uses it all the time. This is definitely a material purchase that is worth the money for an active boyfriend.

Entertainment Tickets

  • Getting your boyfriend tickets to an event is a great way for you to fund an experience and create amazing memories together. Some options for events can be sports games, comedy shows, concerts, festivals, etc. You are able to specialize which tickets you want based on activities you would enjoy together. This is a great gift idea for the boyfriend who says he doesn’t want anything and is not interested in material items.

A Subscription Service

  • This broad category of subscription services is great for couples who know they will be together for a long time and it is the perfect gift that keeps on giving. There are many subscriptions that are great for men, such as The Dollar Shave Club, Hello Fresh, Beer Box, and more. There are quite literally subscriptions for everything, and you can decide based on the needs of your boyfriend. What makes this a great gift is that it is thoughtful and typically unexpected however, the cost can definitely add up.

Good luck!

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