Have Yourself a Productive Summer

Summer is the time to put in the extra effort for ourselves. With the abundance free time, there are many more hours in the day to fill with whatever we want. That doesn’t mean while taking a much-needed break from the hustle of the school year we can’t still be productive!  


Wake up early (don’t sleep the day away)

This may not sound the most appealing, especially during the Summer, but it makes you feel so good about yourself. During the Summer months, when we all have more free time than usual, it can be easy to take advantage and sleep till noon or 1 every day. But in reality, that doesn’t benefit us. Summer is a time for personal growth, to focus on the things you’re passionate about and make the memories you want to make. It’s our chance to spend time with friends and family, be outside, be active, relax and go on adventures. Soaking up every second of daylight is so important to get in as much as we can. Have yourself a productive Summer and don’t sleep the day away. Wake up early and get after it! You won’t regret it.


Create a solid morning routine

This is essential to not falling into a rut with all this extra time. Creating a routine for yourself in the morning that you enjoy and that’s easy to follow will get you up and excited to take on the day. Morning routines set your mood and the tone for the rest of the day, so it’s so important that it’s a good one! Some staples to my morning routine include, making my bed first thing, a morning walk with my mom and (of course) coffee.


Give yourself something to wake up for

Again, this is so important to getting yourself out of bed, wanting to wake up and start your day. These can be simple things such as, a morning walk, coffee, driving somewhere to get your morning iced latte or meeting up with a friend for breakfast/brunch. Give yourself something to do in the morning that gets you up and at ‘em!


Get out of the house

I’ve found this to be very vital in preventing that lazy, bummy feeling. Just the act of getting out of the house makes you feel productive and puts you in a positive headspace. It can be as simple as going to get coffee or even just running errands. You get the sense you’re getting stuff done and getting a change of scenery from the confines of your house. Especially after college when we’re used to walking everywhere and it was just so easy, getting around requires a lil extra effort of getting in our cars, driving and paying for gas. But it’s so important to get out of the house. If you’re starting to feel the summer blues, trust me, it makes the world of difference.


Coffee shop check-ins

These are great to keep you on track with life. It’s good to give yourself a little check in regularly. Go to a coffee shop with a good vibe, have a little self-reflection, update on emails, bring out your planner and just have a little self-check. It’s productive and gives you some relaxing “me time.”


Create a bucket list for the Summer

The opportunities over the Summer are endless; so much to do in so much time, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Make a quick list of things you want to do over the summer, adventures you want to make, trips you want to take; so, on those days you find yourself bored at home, look back at that list and pick something to do! It’s fun and ensures you get to all the things in you want to this Summer.


Have a side hustle

This comes in handy all-year round but especially during the Summer. Take this extra time to get ahead on your passions, improve on your skills and take on things you’ve always wanted to learn. Don’t let this time pass you by without taking advantage and getting ahead. Do it for you!


Find a job/internship you’re passionate about

This can be easier said than done but be persistent and don’t give up. Constantly be checking those emails, sending out emails, keeping up to date and networking. Getting experience in an internship is a great resume builder, and of course a job gives you that extra money in your pocket to live your best life over the summer!


Now let’s get productive ladies!