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Harrison Wallace: Theta Chi Alum

Name: Harrison Je’well Wallace
Hometown: Waynesboro, Virginia
Graduated: May 2013
Majored in: English, with minors in Creative Writing and Political Science


Q: What activities were you involved in when attending JMU?
A: I was involved in a few organizations during my undergrad career. I was a part of the Word Is Born Writing Society, which gives students the opportunity to develop their creative writing skills and spread appreciation for creative writing throughout the Harrisonburg community, and I was also an intramural sports ref. for football and basketball. Additionally, I served as Theta Chi’s Chapter Secretary (Fall 2010), Social Chair (Fall 2011), and Brotherhood Building Chair throughout my time at JMU.

Q: How would you say these activities impacted your JMU experience and even life after JMU?
A: Well, they all definitely enhanced my collegiate experience in a positive way. I enjoyed being involved and I just had a good time overall. The skills I acquired from my involvement in these organizations are useful in the work place. Reffing taught me how to deal with crazy, out of control people. Sometimes individuals would take intramural sports too seriously, so officiating taught me how keep composure at all times and made me become a little more level headed. The creative writing organization helped me acquire different writing techniques and, furthermore, helped with getting my most recent job(s). Theta Chi made me a better man in general. Theta Chi is awesome!

Q: Can you share some insight into your post grad. life?
A: For a portion of the summer I worked in the Communications Department for the Democratic Party of Virginia. Most recently I was a Campus Organizer for Terry McAuliffe, the new governor of Virginia, at University of Virginia. I oversaw daily events such as voter registration and high traffic canvasses, recruited and managed over twenty volunteers, and event planning. I pretty much did whatever I could to make sure Terry won! I’m currently getting ready to go to Loudoun county to work as a Field Organizer. I will be focusing on making sure people are informed on who is running for Senator in the January election, etcetera.


Harrison and co-workers for the Terry McAuliffe campaign


Q: Where do you see yourself in five years?
A: Hopefully I’ll be a speech writer for a Senator… or be a Senator myself! The first is probably more likely, haha.

Q: What do you miss most about JMU?
A: I miss my brothers in my fraternity and just how nice everyone is. No where is quite as friendly or inviting as James Madison University is.

Q: Any fun facts or interesting miscellaneous info. about yourself?
A: I went skydiving this summer and I recently spoke on stage with Bill Clinton (and caught him when he tripped)! I don’t really like talking about myself… I guess that I’ve written a few plays and I went to a Shakespeare Conference for one of them.


Harrison with Terry McAuliffe and co-workers

B.F.A., Studio Art, PrintmakingTrack II Honors Student
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