Halloween at JMU: Freshman Year vs. Senior Year

Halloween at JMU is among the many reasons why we love this school. Not only do we as JMU students get to enjoy the festivities year after year, so do your friends attending different colleges, your friends’ friends, your cousins, that one girl you had chemistry with sophomore year of high school…you get it. It’s truly a time like no other, an experience like no other, and one that we’ll look back on post-undergrad and wish we hadn’t taken it for granted. There are a few pretty clear differences, however, between how freshmen and seniors at JMU spend the holiday.

How far in advance you prepare your costume(s)

Freshman year: 2 weeks beforehand.

Senior year: 10 minutes before you go out.

The costume

Freshman year:

Enough said.

Senior year: Does a broke college student count as a costume?

The party

Freshman year: First, we’ll hit up gingerbread. I also heard Exit 245 is having a party so we can go there after. And then there’s always Forest!

Senior year: *Gets too drunk to even leave apartment*

The drinks

Freshman year: Discreetly take shots in the dorm before going out. Jungle juice.

Senior year: I wonder how much wine I can get in this beer bong.

The nights you actually go out

Freshman year: Wednesday (for some), Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Senior year: The actual night of Halloween is enough to prove I’m not a grandma, right?

Overall, despite your age, remember to have a fun (and safe) Halloweekend and get excited cause it’s almost here!!